Forcing myself to take more pictures!!!

About This Blog

So… why a photoblog and why now?

Well, I used to love taking pictures. Loved it so much I got a degree in it. I started a very successful photography business. I took a ton of pictures. I always had camera gear with me. I was always expected to have camera gear with me and was expected to take pictures at things rather than enjoy them. And I took pictures. I got to spend many happy days taking pictures, whether it be weddings or spending a day with the Stanley Cup. I made people happy with my photos.

Well, it burned me out. I started to hate the days leading up to a wedding or photo job. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to take pictures, it just started to become work rather than fun. It took away from photography what I loved about it. I rarely took out my photography gear. I did the odd job here and there, and gave each job as much as I could and think I delivered more than clients expected.

So, I took some time off and I am working to get my photographic motivation back up. I need to, as I have a son on the way and will be taking lots of pictures of him, even if they are just snapshots.

So, there, that is why… now go look at pictures as I start posting them. Some posts will link to a simple gallery to view the pictures, other posts will link to a sales gallery if I feel someone might want to purchase something I have shot. There are going to be 2 categories of posts, photos and words. Simple,,, just need to keep it simple and keep it fun…

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