April Month Long – Online Kayak Tourney – NYKBF

Will be entering my first tournament of the year starting April 1st and continuing to the end of the month. It is an online Kayak Bass Fishing tournament being held by the New York Kayak Bass Fishing tournament series. They hold a variety of in person and online tournaments. All of the tournaments are Catch, Photograph and Release and have a very small entry fee compared to other fishing tournaments. Outside of kayaking and fishing basics, the only additional item you need is an approved measuring device, either a Hawg Trough or a Ketch measuring board. Once you catch a fish, you measure it and photograph it on the board, with your information and tourney information in the picture, and submit it online through TourneyX. The longest 5 fish you catch all month are the ones that count towards your spot on the leaderboard.

My plan is to mix up fishing between he Racquette River in Potsdam during lunch breaks (assuming the normalcy of a regular day ever returns), the Grasse River out of Canton/Massena and even on the St. Lawrence River out of Massena. Will be fun to compete with people across the state (only restrictions is that the water needs to be publicly accessible in the State of New York).

Depending on how this goes, might be a pretty regular thing to do the month long online ones and who knows, might even fish a live event or two. Really looking forward to the Adirondack Kayak Bass Fishing events that will be held throughout the area too, and they will have a St. Lawrence River stop, so assuming the dates line up with some time I can put into it, will be a great time.

Starting to see less and less ice, so almost time to get out in the kayak and start doing some fishing!

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