Two kayak fishing groups I plan to fish with this year

In doing some research into the growing sport of Kayak fishing, and the idea that most if not all of their tournaments are conducted with Catch, Photograph, Release, I was intrigued to find that there were two groups that covered the areas I want to be fishing.

First, the statewide organization is the New York Kayak Bass Fishing. They run a series of in-person tournaments and online month long tournaments. While the in person tournaments seem to be more focused in Central New York, they also run the month long tournaments that can be fished in any NY State public waters.

The second organization that I found was Adirondack Kayak Bass Fishing. They run a series of in person tournaments mainly in the Adirondacks and surrounding bodies of water. As these are closer I am more likely to participate in these than the NYKBF ones above.

Looking forward to digging into the tourney stuff a lot more as it looks like a ton of fun with not a ton of pressure.

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