Fish in the Boat – Opening Day and Fathers Day 2020

So, been a slow year so far. First, entered the April month long NYKBF online tournament… and after signing up, and fishing one time, realized that it was technically illegal on the waters I am able to fish, to fish for bass out of season, even catch an release like the rest of the state. So… Liam and I did some walleye fishing and got shutout on those two trips. Shit happens. Fish didn’t happen…

Then came along Opening day in NY State, which means we can legally fish for bass again!

So, Saturday June 20th, Liam, my father in law and I went out to fish for bass. We launched at the Wilson Hill Boat launch and headed up towards Croil Island. We fished the gap between the islands and other than seeing a few carp there was not a lot of action. We worked our way past the sandbar and hooked around the corner throwing mostly crankbaits. After getting to a patch of submerged tree trunks, I decided to throw a wacky rigged senko (silver and chartreuse) to a few of the different trunks, hoping to find a bass. Sure enough, shortly after a few casts, I had a big brown smallmouth on. Love the fight of a smallmouth, and got the fish to the boat. Liam netted the fish and we got it up, took a few pictures, and weighed it on the scale. 4.6 lbs (need to figure out how to set the scale to display pounds and ounces rather than the decimal, annoying I guess).

After releasing the fish, we scooted up to Long Sault Island to fish some of the shallower waters. Went into a few small bays, again, throwing mostly crankbaits. Not a lot of action, saw a muskie and some large carp. After working our way up around some bays, Liam hooked into a big pike. He fought the fish all on his own, after casting all on his own and brought it all the way to the boat. I netted the pike and we got a few pictures and weighed it out (4.2 lbs), but for some reason didn’t weigh the pike. Liam was ecstatic and I could not get over how excited he was. He just learned to cast a spinning reel about a week ago so this was really fun to see.

We fished for a little while longer, but didn’t catch anything and headed home after a good few hours on the river.

Sunday came along, and we decided to go up to Waddington and launch at Brandy Brook. Quick pet peeve… if you are at a boat launch and don’t have a trailer attached to your vehicle, please park along the side or something, so you are not blocking one of the 5 spots to park a vehicle with a trailer attached. Having to spend 10 minutes backing the trailer on a near impossible angle to get to a place to park out of the way sucked, when if you would have been considerate at all, would have been a minute max.

Liam decided not to go today for some reason, but couldn’t explain why, so it was just my father in law and myself. We started going south under the bridge to fish up the waterway leading away from the St. Lawrence. Had some nice downed trees and tall grass in spots, so we figured why not. Not long after starting up, Dad landed a small rock bass. Decided to keep pushing forward. I was throwing a wacky rig towards some of the grass lines and downed trees and alternating in the occasional crankbait (Livetarget minnows). Just after my father in law said we should try something else, I hooked into a smaller largemouth. It was pretty quick getting it to the boat, so pull out the hook and throw him back in. We then decided to go out in to the main river and headed across from Brandy Brook to the 2 part island out in the middle of the river. Great structure, grass into rock, into tree trunks. After a little while, my father in law hooked into a good smallmouth. Got it to the boat, netted it and got a few pictures. Kept seeing lots of smaller bass roaming around but just weren’t getting the bites, so we moved again.

This time, we went up towards Coles Creek State Park campground, and came along the back edge to fish the former Route 37. Not long after getting over there, I hooked into a good size smallmouth. Put up a heck of a fight, but was able to get it to the boat and get it on the scale for 3.6 lbs. Set it back in, and kept moving down the former highway. Not much longer after putting the fish back in, I was hooked up again. This one was another good fighter, got it back to the boat, but it was smaller than the first one, so didn’t weigh it. Kept fishing down the road til we got back to the bay going back towards the boat launch and decided to head in for the day as we had plans to go out in the fun boat with the rest of the family this afternoon.

So, was a pretty good weekend. 7 fish in the boat, of which I caught 4 of them. Pictures coming later…


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