Lunchtime paddle in the Raquette out of Lehman Park

Got out for a little lunchtime paddle on The Racquette River out of Lehman Park. Loaded up the full kayak to see how much of a pain it would be, brought the Ketch measuring board to start getting some practice measuring and photographing fish for tourneys as I am still getting used to handling fish on the board rather than just by the lip.

First note – need to start packing the kayak cart regardless of how far I have to get to the water. At Lehman park, the lot is pretty close to the water, when the water is at normal level. As we are in almost drought conditions here, the water is low, so I had to walk the fully loaded kayak about 200 feet from where I was able to park the Traverse with trailer attached. Would have been a lot easier to have the cart rather than just using the wheel in the keel.

So, paddled out, casted a few times in the main channel with a lipless crank, few with a ned rig and got caught up at least 5 times that required me to paddle to and use the line helper on the paddle to release the bait. Lots of trees/branches down in the river and seems like they have always been there, but I guess I didn’t think I would get caught up so much. So, I moved to more of the edge of the main channel and was alternating between throwing a wacky rig and a KVD yellow/black crank bait.

Not long after starting to alternating, I hooked into what felt like a really good fish. This thing was crazy, jumping all over the place and put up a really good fight. It was about 16″ long after getting it on the board.

Second note – need to start wearing the GoPro when I am fishing out of the kayak. I have the damn thing and never use it. I think I will try it next time on a hat mount so it sees what I am looking at. This thing jumped 5-7 times really clearing the water trying to shake the lure free.

Third note – this fish was crazy when I got it to the boat. I had it lipped in the net and the damn thing just would not sit still for me to get it on the board, so I used the fish grips to hold it while I get the board situated. Took the fish grips off and tried to get this thing to lay still on the board but could not. I just fish gripped it, loose measurement then threw it back in the water. How the hell do people get fish to sit still on the board to measure, as this would not have worked for a tourney measurement.

Ok, so made a few more casts, didn’t get any more bites so moved on over to the other side. Saw lots of baitfish so thought I was in a good spot. Only had a few minutes before I had to start paddling back. Made a few casts to what I thought were good spots, but didn’t feel many bites. Made one of my final casts and hooked into a smaller bass. Still fought a good fight, so reeled in, quick picture then got it back in the water. I will want to spend more time up on that area again, who knows, maybe tomorrow.

Paddled back, loaded up, and unfortunately, back to work…

Tight lines everyone!


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