July 3 Lunch Paddle

Got out for a little again today during lunch. Brought both GoPros. Put the 7 on my hat and the 3+ on the front corner of the boat. I set up the 7 to record video on a loop and the 3+ to take pictures every 10 seconds.

The 3+ lasted about the whole trip taking pictures (2 hours). The 7 lasted about 35 minutes recording 1080 video. Wish it would have gone longer because the pike I caught later put on a pretty fun fight.

So, caught a nice smallmouth farther up the river then last time, back in the side shoot that I started to go into yesterday. Also lost a nice smallmouth in there too just after that.

Ran into a lot of rocks today that I didn’t remember being there yesterday. It seemed as if the water was even lower than it was the day before, even though it is already way too low for this time of year.

Went to another area, connected with a good pike. Nothing huge, but put up a good fight.

Back to work…

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