Just one of those days…

So, Erin (my wife) and I got out for a few hours yesterday morning. After working our butts off re-doing an entire bedroom and knocking out part of building a new closet in the basement, we decided to take a break.

It was windy as all hell out, so we went to more protected waters down by the power dam as it was in a valley that doesn’t get as much wind. It was hot, got out around 9:30ish, so a little later start than was ideal in perfect situation.

We went up north by the Long Sault spill dam and did some casting with some crankbaits and underspins (Wicked Willow). Did not get any bites, no followers. So Erin decided to jump in to take a swim. After she was cooled off, we loaded up and went up to a bay that looked good for some largemouth. Saw a little bit of movement, but they wouldn’t touch a crank bait or a wacky rigged worm, nor would they touch any topwater baits.

So, just as we were getting ready to go, I said lets go do some dropshotting. I found a spot on the graph that had a 30 feet valley and set us up to drop. Not even a minute after getting Erin setup, she had a bass in the boat. Not long after getting my line in the water, another bass in the boat. All in all, we hooked up 16 times and got 13 smallmouth into the boat. None were giants, Erin got one probably around 2.5 pounds and my largest was around 2 pounds. Regardless of weight, it was a fun hour of fishing. If we didn’t have so much work to do, we could have done that all day. They bit heavily on the KVD dreamshot in morning dawn and pretty good on a salted silver/green plastic I also had when we started to run low on the dreamshot.

So, Erin and I had a blast and hope to have another chance to get out again so we can try to get her on some bigger fish. She broke off what was sure to be the biggest fish of the day right at the end, snapped the line, wasn’t even a knot break, it was just a line break.

Was a fun freakin hour!!!

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