Born and raised on the St. Lawrence River, I never did much fishing as I was growing up. I spent all of my non-winter time playing sports (mainly baseball) and just enjoyed life around the river. I didn’t have or make time to fish.

As I have “grown up” I have discovered that I actually love to fish and have since bought a fishing boat, upgraded to a bigger/better fishing boat, and have now purchased a fishing specific kayak. I have introduced my kids and wife to fishing and it is something we have loved doing together, whether on one of our boats, or from the banks when we are camping around the North Country.

It is my hope that I can aim to fish at least 3-5 days a week, even if that means just for an hour or so during my lunch break during the non-frozen months. It is also my hope to enter some “online” New York Kayak Bass Fishing tournaments to push myself to put more time in to learn techniques and spend more time reading the waterways.

I plan to use this blog to document my adventures and fishing trips, along with posting pictures of everything.